Rigger Course (Duration 5 days)

Rigger Course


Practical and Safety classes by Ocean Crane Institute

Certification by Institute

Basic Rigging safety and Sling inspection program. This course is designed to give beginners, and those who work in the vicinity of rigging activity, the ability to recognize potential hazards and perform limited rigging tasks. The rigger will recognize common sling hitch types and have the ability to calculate tensions based on sling angles of symmetric loads. The rigger will also learn pre-use inspection techniques that are utilized to determine if a sling is safe to use.The rigger will learn to select the safest and most efficient slings and hardware for the job.Crane communication skills and pre-use inspection techniques are also part of this valuable training.

Course Subjects

  • Understanding lifting equipment
  • Proper utilization of wire ropes
  • Proper utilization of chain slings
  • Understanding load limits and proper angling
  • Proper use of trolleys and beam clamps
  • Determining center of gravity and load distribution
  • Understanding crane signals