Mobile Crane Course ( 45 days Duration )


Theory, Practical and Safety classes by BUREAU VERITAS

Certification by institute

Certification by Bureau Veritas

Indian Crane License.

Mobile Crane Course is designed for those who have little or no experience with mobile crane operation. The course helps establish good operating practices for the participant while gaining seat-time and real-life operating experience. Participants will conduct pre-operational inspections of hydraulic cranes. Each will be given individual instruction regarding crane operating basics and will gain seat-time while handling an empty and loaded hook. This course is designed to increase the crane operator’s knowledge, skill and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training. Students can achieve qualified operator status by successfully completing written and hands-on segments.

This is an excellent course for those who wish to take the Aramco Crane operator certificate. The candidates for the mobile crane operator course are individuals who wish to be apprentices in crane handling, crane maintenance personnel, and current operators who have been trained by “field practices,” but not yet exposed to the formal side of crane subjects. This course is also excellent for supervisory persons and lift directors who did not rise through the trades in the seat of a crane.

Course Subjects

  • Center of Gravity
  • Radius
  • Rated Strength
  • Leverage
  • Load Charts
  • Side Loading
  • Outrigger Position
  • Calculating Capacities
  • Stability
  • Wind
  • Side Loading
  • Boom Length/Angle
  • Operating Practices
  • ASME Standards
  • Operator’s Responsibilities
  • Static/Dynamic Load
  • Range Diagram
  • Load Weight Calculations
  • Reeving
  • Gross and Net Loads
  • Tipping Axis
  • Crane Set-up
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Hand & voice signals
  • Daily Inspection
  • High Voltage
  • Operator’s Responsibility
  • Jibs/Boom Extensions
  • Static/Dynamic Loading