Fork Lift Course (Duration 15 days )

Ocean Crane Institute

Theory, Practical and Safety classes by Ocean Crane Institute.

Certification by Institute

Indian Forklift License ( RTO )

In the Beginner Forklift Operator training course our trainers spend more time than our standard operator training course going through all the theory that you need to understand before operating a forklift and then provide you with a more extensive practical training experience. On completion we will provide a certificate that states that you have been through more extensive training on a forklift to increase your employer or future employers confidence in your ability.

This is an essential training program for personnel who operate industrial forklifts. Students will learn how to Operate safely.

Course Subjects

  • Safe operating practices & procedures
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Working near power lines and electrical hazards
  • Hand signals
  • Lifting personnel
  • Inspecting structural components, operating mechanisms, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, hydraulic cylinders, Chains, Operational aids, and safety devices
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and safety/liability areas of inspection
  • When to perform a non-destructive crack detection test
  • Pre-operational inspection
  • Forklift setup and recognizing site hazards
  • Types of forklifts, components & terminology
  • Causes & results of forklift accidents
  • Setting up a forklift inspection program
  • Forklift inspection procedures and techniques
  • Recognizing and understanding the differences between deficiencies & safety hazards